6 Aug 2013

demolition sale

 There is a big renovation at hand. 
You might know that the city of Amsterdam is built on piles. Well the piles under our building have to be renewed and to do that the groudfloor appartment and shop first will be demolished and after putting the new piles in the ground will be rebuilt. So, oh my, we have to leave our house, atelier and shop we love to live and work in for a big while (about 7 months).
Last month we have spent all days packing and sorting our stuff and bringing many, many boxes to the storage, to the charity shop and to the dump. Next few weeks we will be moving to a temporary living space in Osdorp, wich is one of Amsterdams outskirts.We will be living in a flat on the 7th floor!
I am very lucky to have found a temporary workshop and store just a few houses down the street from the current shop.I already started moving my workshop there and in a week or two I hope to open the doors of the new space at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 34.
But first there will be a big sale in the current store this weekend! Prices of my old work will be reduced. There will even be a give-away-corner where you can make a choice from stuff from our house, our video collection and some clothing from my wardrobe for free!! Come on over and bring your friends!

look here for the adress

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