20 Dec 2012

hanajikan magazine

My shop is featured in the fall 2012 edition of this very nice japanese magazine for flower lovers! Big thank you to editor Kishimoto chihiro and the team.

5 Nov 2012

little treasure dishes

My house is full of little treasures I found on nature walks, on the street or even in my own sewing box. One day I decided to photograph some of them and print them on my hanshaped ceramic dishes.

28 Aug 2012

Bregje Lampe book

I am proud to tell you that my shop is in a new book by fashion journalist Bregje Lampe about the 88 top fashion shops in Amsterdam

illustration of my shop window made by Monique Wijbrands

27 Jun 2012

printed bags

I have made some printed eco cotton bags and displayed them on my studio wall

12 May 2012

handmade ceramics

 handshaped wallplate with my hand on it
random joyful things

12 Apr 2012

handmade ceramics

portrait plate, bark cups and pots
i love to combine black clay and white glaze

my hand on a dish