26 Jun 2015

garden inside

 my little garden at the kitchen window
 green leaves from the garden and flowers from the market.
70's ashtray with lava glaze on a hand painted plate by Atelier Tempel  

27 May 2015

my old little bear

While sorting out old suitcases with clothing from the past I found my good old Steiff bear. Do you like the wallpaper in the background? It is one of my fabric designs.

6 Apr 2015

mister Michael Kors

Believe it or not, today mister Michael Kors visited my shop!! The things on the photo were his favorite items. And he loved the scent of a vase with hyacinths.

20 Mar 2015

solar eclipse 2015

This morning from my garden in de Pijp, Amsterdam, the solar eclipse was just visible for a few minutes round 10.47 due to cloudiness.

2 Mar 2015

19 Jan 2015

blue monday

 What a dark and wet day it was...

here are some summer flowers to cheer up!

12 Jan 2015

Ariadne at Home

The januari edition of the lifestyle magazine Ariadne at Home features an article about my work. Six pages of interview and images. Beautifully styled and photographed by Linda van der Ham and Dennis Brandsma. Such nice people! It was a joy to have them around for the day.