15 Dec 2014

Ina's photo project

Ina Conkic is one of my neighbours, she made this photo. She photographs the little shops in the neighbourhood.
  De Pijp is in the south eastern part of Amsterdam, close to the city centre and it was built in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.The neighbourhood has many special small shops, but things are changing fast now. The neighbourhood has become popular and big chain stores and fastfood restaurants are moving in. Ina wants to capture the authentic atmosphere before it is gone. Thank you Ina!

13 Nov 2014

green glaze

copper oxide glaze has beautiful green shades
                  a vintage fruit plate re-decorated
                                          small bird dish

5 Nov 2014

sea glass

Just a few weeks back, I was on the beach in the little town of Montgat, northern Spain. It is a great beach for finding sand washed sea glass and tile fragments.

30 Jun 2014

vase tree

One of my tree trunk vases, with green leaves and flowers from the garden

23 Apr 2014

everything is new!

The past seven months our house and my studio-store were totally renovated. I am glad that finally we could move our furniture and belongings back in. My studio-store has a new and fresh look.

Altough the official opening party will be in a month or so, I already opened the door last week. Hope you like it!    

30 Jan 2014

photoprint dishes

these brand new slightly irregular dishes and cups are hand shaped, hand glazed and decorated with photo decals. 

In my shop now