24 Nov 2016

couleurs de Maroc

During my recent trip to Morocco I rediscovered the color yellow

16 Nov 2016

Pottery from Tamegroute

At Cooperative de Potier Tamegroute in southern Marocco, the pottery is still made by the family Dani in the way it was made for ages. I visited the pottery in early november and was impressed by the skills of the potters, the many beautiful and vibrant shades of green glaze and the robust and pure shapes

master potter Said Dani working on the wheel

The open air kilns are made of clay and broken pottery and fired with palm wood. The clay is found in dry chunks in the desert and ground and mixed in pits in de ground. The ingredients for the mineral glazes as mangan and copper oxide are found in the desert as well.

30 Aug 2016

Street map of De Pijp - AMSTERDAM

Coming soon! Map of Amsterdam's most vibrant neighbourhood De Pijp. Home of Atelier Tempel. The map is Designed and illustrated by me(Hilde Tempelman). It leads you to 22 very special small and interesting shops. Find slow food, perfumes, handmade ceramics, Books, clothing, home decorations and much more!

24 Aug 2016

dishes and fabric

At the moment, the weather in Amsterdam is exceptionally hot for the end of august. For me this is the perfect weather to create new work. I take a swim in the nearby outdoor pool early in the morning.  Ideas flow on the summer breeze. I painted and block printed some fabrics this week, made som new dishes and there is more new work in my kiln right now. I feel good!

20 Aug 2016


 You can find feathers everywhere. In Amsterdam most feathers you will find are grey pigeon feathers. I am always looking for dark or black ones. big black crow feathers are my favorite ones.

3 Aug 2016

14 Jul 2016

printed cotton totes

Small cotton canvas tote with yellow beetroot print and two multi functional handy pouches. €25 and €20. Contact me when interested.

8 Jul 2016

arita house amsterdam

Located adjacent to the Rijksmuseum, just around the corner of my studio-store Atelier Tempel is a wonderful exhibit of Japanese porcelain. A design project of a bunch of European designers with local arita porcelain makers, co-designed and curated by design duo Scholten & Baijings

Go there when you are visiting Amsterdam and have a look at the beautiful walled garden too. Designed by my favorite garden designer Piet Oudolf.  Ruysdaelkade 2-4, Open until dec 2016.

3 May 2016

spring flower vases

Since a few months there is a new flowershop in the neighborhood where you can buy flowers by the piece. That is great. They seem to have nicer flowers than elsewhere. There are these old-fashioned cottage flowers, field flowers and parrot tulips you can see on classic paintings. The shop has no windows, just a warehouse door open to the street when the shop's open. Find it at Gerard Doustraat just past het Gerard Douplein.
dip glazed

there is a bird on the bottom branch
I filled some of my vases and combined them with flowers from my own garden. The bottom vases have stacked compartments like the tulip vases from the 16th century.

paeonies, parrot tulips, camelia, akebia

18 Jan 2016

Beautiful spots in Amsterdam l

This is the new bicycle tunnel underneath Amsterdam Central Station. Designed by Irma Boom. Handpainted Makkummer witjes