4 Apr 2017

27 Mar 2017


Stones always fascinate me. After each holiday I return home with found stones in my backpack.
Of a few of them I had some special ceramic transfers made and made these stippled dishes. 

I found this mysterious cross-hatched stone on a remote beach on the Isle of Skye a couple of years back. Could it be a message from the stone age?

8 Jan 2017

dutch costume museum

There is a small charming new museum in Amsterdam in one of the old canal houses of the Herengracht.Have a look when you are in town.

It is all about the dutch folk dress. The museum has seven rooms and  each one of them is dedicated to the traditional costumes of an area or town in the Netherlands. My favorite dress comes from Staphorst. These photographs are from the Staphorst room.


handprinted fabric in light mourning colors
top for heavy mourning