30 Aug 2016

Street map of De Pijp - AMSTERDAM

Coming soon! Map of Amsterdam's most vibrant neighbourhood De Pijp. Home of Atelier Tempel. The map is Designed and illustrated by me(Hilde Tempelman). It leads you to 22 very special small and interesting shops. Find slow food, perfumes, handmade ceramics, Books, clothing, home decorations and much more!

24 Aug 2016

dishes and fabric

At the moment, the weather in Amsterdam is exceptionally hot for the end of august. For me this is the perfect weather to create new work. I take a swim in the nearby outdoor pool early in the morning.  Ideas flow on the summer breeze. I painted and block printed some fabrics this week, made som new dishes and there is more new work in my kiln right now. I feel good!

20 Aug 2016


 You can find feathers everywhere. In Amsterdam most feathers you will find are grey pigeon feathers. I am always looking for dark or black ones. big black crow feathers are my favorite ones.

3 Aug 2016